Hey friend!

Wanna know how this hobby turned into a full blown obsession? Truthfully, I wanted to be a cake decorator when I was younger. I found myself working at the kitchen supply store, Sur La Table when I lived in Florida. One day, a really nice guy came into the store looking for silicone baking mats. I asked what he was making and to my surprise he said, "Soap!" I peppered him to no end with questions because I was intrigued. He was kind enough to send me some tutorials and the rest is history. 

Elevated Soap CO was born! I have always loved working with my hands and creating something out of nothing. ESC is my way of sharing that passion with you. Everything I make is vegan, cruelty free and handcrafted with love and integrity from beginning to end. 

Thank you for supporting my small business. It gives me so much joy to be able to make products that not only smell good, but make you feel good as well. 

Here's to self care and elevating your mind, body, and spirit with consciously crafted creations!